Snow Egg Niseko


Ski Out Café, Bar and the HEAD PORTER pop-up store!

OPEN EVERY DAY, 8:00 — 24:00   December 21, 2012 — March 31, 2013

Visit the SNOW EGG for a pre-ski coffee and breakfast, or drop-in to see the cool ski resort fashion and gear
at the HEAD PORTER pop-up store.

Enjoy the amazing music and visual experience of the panorama screen under the SNOW EGG dome with Hokkaido beer,
sake and snacks, or a shot of Yoichi Whisky, served by Abucha.





March 31, 20:00 -

Join us in celebration of the LAST NIGHT at SNOW EGG!

Special Happy Hour - SAPPORO Draft Beer (Limited Quantity)

500 yen → 250 yen 




Established in 1998 in the Harajuku district of Tokyo, HEAD PORTER designs unique bags manufactured by PORTER, a Japanese brand with a revered history for its exceptional products.

HEAD PORTER's collection includes the TANKER NAVY series, specially requested from PORTER, and the BLACK BEAUTY series, created completely from refined matte black material.

HEAD PORTER PLUS is the apparel division of the HEAD PORTER and designs classic clothing of paramount quality. >

Abucha Tavern & Bar, which in our 9 years of business has become an enormously popular place for foreign tourists to eat and drink, is opening our bar in Snow Egg! Taking advantage of all the tastes we have cultivated over the years, we will offer a great variety of drinks & cocktails. >

Best Hotdog van ever! We make original Hotdogs based on American style Hotdogs! The American Hotdog meets Hokkaido! Awesome sausages and Hotdog buns made in Hokkaido. Don't forget our original sauce on your hotdog! Come and enjoy our original hotdogs! This is how we do it!


The SNOW EGG will soon “hatch” into a beautiful ski-in, ski-out resort by Riccardo Tossani Architecture (RTA).

A unique “Guerilla” or “Pop-up” store, the SNOW EGG dome brings to Hirafu the kind of fashion brand-retail experience previously missing. Perched, with skier access to the Family ski run at the Ace Family Pair Lift, and located just below the Alpen Hotel on Hirafuzaka, the combination of bar, food, music and light shows in a lounge setting within a brilliantly illuminated globe makes the SNOW EGG a must-see and easy to get to landmark attraction for Niseko.

As the Master Planner of Hirafu’s new main street, Hirafu-zaka, Architect Riccardo Tossani of RTA has promoted the revitalization of Hirafu Village through design for several years. Concerned about a loss of vitality in the Upper Village as a result of recent building demolitions, the SNOW EGG is conceived as a means to “light the fire” of revitalization in upper Hirafu, and usher in the new chapter of development currently underway.

Master Architects for Hanazono Village and several key resort projects in Hirafu, RTA are the creators and designers of the SNOW EGG and are currently designing an exciting new resort that will open on this site in the near future.

SNOW EGG — a temporary “happening” intended to bring vitality and entertainment to Upper Hirafu in advance of several new high-end resorts planned for Upper Hirafu Village.

SNOW EGG is a taste of the out-of-the-box thinking that will energize Hirafu’s future once RTA’s projects are completed, putting Hirafu on the center stage of the World’s most desirable resort destinations! >

Prism Co., producers of movies & projected cultural imagery events which make an active contribution to the Hokkaido region, is now providing a fantastic projected image space in the Niseko Hirafu area for the enjoyment of visitors. To accommodate and provide imagery for epic concerts & events, conferences, exhibitions and the like, Prism takes pride in our craft of creating ideal image projection systems & spaces - now and in the future, we hope we will be able to contribute to the Niseko tourism industry with our activities. >


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